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Equalize Power Inc.

We are a locally owned and run business. We engineering design and install residential and commercial solar PV systems including off-grid solar, with operations Nova Scotia wide. We are invested in building a prosperous and green future for all Nova Scotians.

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Delivering Quality. Always Motivated. Passionate About Solar.

Save your money

Discover how harnessing the power of solar energy can significantly reduce your energy bills and provide long-term savings for both your wallet and the environment.

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Your home is energy

Explore how your home can become a sustainable source of energy, contributing to a greener future and lower utility costs with our innovative solar solutions.

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5 stars service

Experience our commitment to excellence with our 5-star service, where our team goes above and beyond to ensure your solar power journey is seamless and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Our Services

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Consulting and advisory services

We provide consulting services to help customers determine the best solar panel system for their needs, as well as information on government incentives and financing options.

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Research and development

Solar panel companies may invest heavily in research and development to improve the efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness of solar panels.

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This is the core service provided by solar panel companies, using a range of materials and processes. This involves sourcing the raw materials, assembling and testing the components, and packaging the finished products.

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Involves designing and installing the solar panel system and ensuring that it is connected to the power grid and functioning properly.

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Leader in Quality Solar Design And Installation
in Nova Scotia
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